iTunes: Copy music from another iPod to your library

7 01 2007

UPDATED 25.04.10:  Application available

Given the interest in this topic I decided to code a small windows application to automate the tasks outlined below. This can be found here for those interested.


Decided to add some additional detail in response to queries (and also original posting from 2007 on WinXP probably not all that relevant anymore…!)

I also assume this will work for the iPhone / iPad but haven’t tried  –  if someone wants to have a go and confirm it would be useful.

In a hypothetical situation where your PC/Mac gets wiped and you still have all of your tunes on your iPod what do you do?

I have had numerous problems with the “IT Nazis” who look after my firms laptops etc. everytime it goes in for repairs the ***** wipe all of my iTunes off!

Here’s how to get round it…

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PS3 firmware 3.21 – No need to install

1 04 2010

As of April fool’s day Sony decided to push firmware 3.21 on PS3 users. If you are an owner of the newer Slim, no need to worry.

If, like me, you are a proud owner of one of the originals you may be aware that these came advertised with the option to “install other OS” (i.e. you had the ability to load a linux operating system onto the PS3).

After George Hotz’s much-publicised hack of the PS3 in January 2010, Sony have responded with 3.21 which essentially removes this ability on older PS3’s.

If you despise the fact that Sony can remove functionality forceably from a product advertised with this ability when purchased, then the following will allow you to bypass the necessary firmware update whilst still allowing PSN access (online gameplay functionality):

  • On the PS3 console, navigate to Settings –> Network Settings –> Internet Connection Settings.
  • Select to set it up manually (“custom”)
  • When you arrive at the screen detailing IP address etc. insert the following as your “Primary DNS” –>

Finish the setup and everything should be fine (tested on mine 01.04.2010)

Alternatively, see the following resources to follow the debate further:

IE: How to disable annoying system messages

10 01 2007

OK, for those of you still living in the Stoneage and using IE rather than Firefox (see posts for details)…

IE Page Content Warning

This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?”

Remember seeing this? I see this when I get onto a lot of sites with mixed protection and everytime it will popup a box asking for this. A bit annoying if you know what you are doing, isn’t it?

So here is how you disable it; { Click Here }

Basically this is it:

  • Open IE
  • Tools>Internet Options>Security>select Internet Zone and click on Custum Level
  • Under Miscellaneous heading…. there should be an option called Display Mixed Content
  • It is set to Prompt? if yes then set it to Disable and apply
  • close IE and reopen it to check for the problem now! )

Another trick from EE -)

Save video from the Internet (such as YouTube / Google Vids)

10 01 2007

Website Gil’s Method has an excellent tutorial on how you can save video from sites such as MySpace, Google Video, YouTube, and more. If you’ve ever been asked by a client to save a video from one of these sources, you’ll be happy you popped over to check the tutorial out.

One of the steps in the tutorial involves downloading and installing the open source “Mediacoder” AVS Video converter homepagesoftware. My experiences with this software have been both good and bad, but overall I would recommend AVS Video Converter. It’s a small fee, but reliable enough to convert video from the traditional YouTube format (.FLV) to whatever you want. You can even convert videos to be seen on iPods or Windows Mobile pocket PCs, Palm Pilots, even some cell phones.

Thanks for the above to Tech for PR


Another site on the above topic worth checking out:

Online Storage Solutions

7 01 2007

Below is a listing of various storage solutions for files etc. online

 Storage Websites Free Account Drag’n Drop File size or Bandwidth limit Save direct to server Sharing option Read from server Auto Synchr.
AllMyData(win XP/2000) 1GB free(when you share with 10 Gb your space) Yes unlimited No Yes No Yes upto 1 GB Yes 1Gb per file / upto 50GB per month Yes Yes Yes No
eSnips upto 1 GB No unlimited Yes Yes Yes No
Freepository upto 300 MB No unlimited No Yes No No
Streamload upto 25 GB No 25 per file / upto 500GB per month Yes Yes No No
Xdrive upto 5 GB Yes unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mofile upto 1 GB No unlimited No Yes No ?
Mozy(win XP) upto 2 GB No unlimited Yes No No Yes
Omnidrive upto 1 GB Yes unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Openomy upto 1 GB No unlimited Yes Yes No Yes
Dropboks upto 1 GB No 50 MB per file / no info on bandwidth No No No No

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Must have free software

7 01 2007

Right, thought about this listing when building my sisters + dad’s PC’s at home. I asked myself what software you needed in general to run on a PC at a minimum and how you could do it for free.

Later, added optional free software depending on what the PC would mainly be used for.

1) Anti-virus software                AVG Free

2) Anti-spyware software          Ad-aware

3) Disk cleanup utility                CCleaner

4) Compression software           WinRAR

5) Internet Browser                   Mozilla Firefox

see posting on Mozilla Firefox for more details here

Watch TV shows etc. online

7 01 2007

Stuck for something to do at the office? Why don’t you catch up with 7hrs worth of Prison Break, Lost, 24 or pretty much anything else? has a huge archive of TV shows and you can watch them free, streamed over broadband.

This ones a bit of a favourite of my sister (suprisingly enough a student!)